Warparty - June - September 2017 - Crazy Monkey Studios, Geel, Belgium
Position : Game Designer, Level Designer 
Team Size6

Warparty is a RTS Solo and Multiplayer  trying to take the classical formula of a Warcraft and to make it more dynamic and much more fast paced !

From June to October 2017 I worked as an intern in Level Design and Game Design at the company Crazy Monkey Studios in Belgium. My main missions was to Create,Script and Dress levels. I worked on the  solo campaign, creating scripted events and event and on the multiplayer maps, balancing ressources, controlling the path of the player army trough the layout.  I also Designed  and Balanced the system of the game, creating units, tech tree, battle system and the global playstyle of the game, I worked trough documents and a lot of testing directly in the engine. On this page you can find the gameplay trailer of the game illustrating my work.

The game is currently under development and is aiming for a release on Steam in 2018.

Here's a link to the official website of the game : http://www.warpartygame.com/
Along a link to the website of the company : http://crazymonkeystudios.com/

Here's some screenshot of the levels I have dressed and created and a layout of the map from an aerial point of view 



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