Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Jun to December 2018 - Paris, France
Position: Inter Game Designer

I worked as an AI Game Designer mostly focusing on designing the enemies AI and archetypes the player is going to face. Along creating system of interaction with various NPCs. I was working closely with multiple development poles as I needed to supervise a feature from its design phase to its integration with complete animations,Ui,Fx,Level Design, Progammation and testing. I had to create Design clear enough and detailed as much as possible to communicate them widely through a massive production team across the world.

Here's a summarize list of the task I was charged with :

- Designing the enemies AI and archetypes the player is going to face
- Designing new system of interaction with the in-game NPC and supervising their implementation
- Tweaking and balancing the difficulty of the game
- Interacting with various development poles to enhanced the AI of the game in terms of Animation ,UI, Realisation

Working on Ghost Recon Breakpoint was a tremendous experience and very eager to discover the players feedback once the game launch ! In the gameplay trailer you will be able to see features I implemented  and designed myself just as various archetypes ( Rocket Launcher, Fleeingman ).


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