DoomBox - March 2017 - Valenciennes, France
Position : Producer, Lead Game Designer, Lead Level Designer, Creative Supervisor 
Team Size : 8

It's a game we developped in two week as part of a student project in partnership with the studios ohbibi! Our theme was platformer and we decided to make a game based on a RocketJump. The player have to go higher as possible with the propulsion of it's DoomBox a demoniac boombox.

On the projet I had to manage the whole production in Design, Art and Programming . After the first week we decided to fully rework the game to make something more enjoyable for the player and us. It was a short schedule and a lot of work but we made a game we like and enjoy playing. We received very positive commments from the Beta Tester after the first big update comforting us on our decision.

The project is currently on the Android Playstore for an Open Beta, it allow us to acquire analytics that help us making the game better every day.

Here's a link to the game, Have fun playing it


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