Tasveer -October 2016 - Valenciennes, France
Position: Lead Game DesignerLevel DesignerProgrammer
Team Size: 15


Tasveer is a prototype of a photography game.You embodies a photograph in the Rajasthan, a region of India, to frame the local wildlife in differents situations.

There is for the moment only two map, Jaipur and Jodpur with different architecture.

You have different objectives, take picture of a camel, five camels or a monkey dancing on a camel and many more !
It's all about timing and angles, use perspective, it's your ally.

The game was made in 5 days , it miss a lot of features, it was made in collaboration with a team of students game designer in india, Pune precisely.
It also miss a Galellery system but all the photo are stocked in the folder named "Screenshots" in the assets folder so you can contemplate your work.
It might have bugs too and i'm really sorry if there is some, the last part of the game was done in a very short time so it might lack of testing.

I made the Level Design of the game, along the Missions Design and the Photography System.
It was really interessting to design levels wich the player couldn't explore, only contemplate, it was very instructive
Along the fact that communicate with a team of designer across the globe was fery formative.

In the project you will find a Readme i hope you will understand and enjoy the game even it's incomplete !
You can download the game on my itch.io page:

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