Poui's Adventure - October 2016 - Valenciennes,France 
Position : Lead Game DesignerLevel DesignerProgrammer 

Team Size : 7

It's a prorotype made for the studios Enigami, we had to develop a Runner switching between 2D and 2.5D based on the univers of Shyness, we had many other constraints as well.
We didn't wanted to make something too classical as a Runner,we decided to make it a Rogue Like mixed with some Runners elements.
You control an escouade of 4 Pouis , each one of them having a special capacity, you have to recolt as much  golds as possible during the 2D phase before the Boss appear switching the camera to 2.5D.

The concept was full of potential but we faced unexpected obstacles, our programmer weren't used enough to Unity,
the devellopement started to slow down an every one in the group had to code to compensate this.
In the end the prototype is very incomplete, many features were cut down and there's still some glitchs.
However i'm quiet stasified with the camera switch it works and it open many possibilites for the Level Design.

On the project i was the Lead Game Designer and Level Designer, I also programmed  lots of features to help the programming team.
It's a very short demo, i hope you will still find it interesting.  

Despite the problems we encountered Enigigami really like our concept and congratulate us on our work and
how we managed the situation to be able to produce something good.

You can test the game on my Itch.io page:

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