Namaspamus tête qui roule - Dec 2013 - April 2014 - Valenciennes, France
Position : Level Designer, Game DesignerVoice Actor
Team Size : 3


It was a game made for the Hit's Play Time Contest, the game met the succes by winning the favor of the jury and  it was selected to be exposed in Paris at "La Gaité Lyrique"   as the jury "Coup de Coeurs"

It's a 2D plateformer in wich you plays as Namaspamus an head who lost his body, your only way to move is to roll,
your way to jump is to puff and your only way to fight is to scream
The problem you will be facing, is as an head every shocks hurts you, even the simple fact of rolling.
You will have to wander trough various Renaissance paintings in a world of absurdity in hope to get back what you lost.
All the graphics of the game have been taken from Renaissance paintings, it was long but pretty fun.

We were only three peoples on the project  two Game Designers ,but practically every level are mines,and a Graphist.
It was very interesting to create the levels with the constraints we had, i tried my best to make something enjoyable and fun. Also we had troubles develloping the game and many times i had to turn glitches into mechanics.
It was a very pleasant experience !

You can play the game on my page :


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