Lostronaute -  March 2014 - Valenciennes, France
Position : Game DesignerLevel DesignerEconomic Designer
Team Size : 15


Lostronaute is a team project made in two weeks, it was a prototype for Gameloft, we had specific constraints :
Our game was  meant to be  unplayable without the sound and that's how we came up with the idea for Lostronauts.

Your crew has been scaterred around the univers and as the Commander you have to rescue them. Each of them make a specific sound and you will have to convince them to join you by showing your vocals skills.
Your goal is to form the greatest orchestra in the galaxy and all the peoples composing your crew play one unique instrument.
Collect them all !

I was in charge of the Orchestra part of the game, The quick Level Design and the Playtest part.
It was one of my first big group project, very instructive !
There's an easter egg if you manage to recreate Dark Vador's Theme.
Gameloft praised us on our professionalism and creativity. 

The game was made for Smartphones and Tablets but it's way more comfortable on Tablets.
Here you will find  the Apk of the game.


Click on the screenshots to access the gallery .


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