Contrast - November 2016 - Valenciennes, France
Team Size : 1
Position: Level Designer


Contrast is a Level Design exercise we were given by a World Builder at Arkane Studios (Dishonored), he asked us to make a level based on the notion of contrast.
We only had the right to use basic shapes ( cube, cone ) and differents grey level materials. The level wasn't mean't to be big, but to be clear about the notions we decided to oppose.

If my level has been made right you should quickly understand the contrasts opposing here, i leave you with screenshots of the levels.

You also can download the level on my account with this link :

Old Temple - March 2015 - Valenciennes, France

Team Size : 1
Position: Level Designer

This map is something I made to test the Unreal Engine 4, it was made by using the infinity blade assets, it's a very simple level that is just meant to be explored.


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