Hazardice - March 2016 - Valenciennes, France
Position: Game DesignerLevel Designer
Team Size : 25


Hazardice is a protoytpe conceived in a two weeks with somes other students based on the theme : Dice,Cards,London.
It was project supervised by Gameloft.

There's a tutorial inside the game and it's playable for 2 player with a single controller.
The concept is to throw the dices and, based on the results, use different abilities to destroy the maximum amount of buildings around.

After receiving the theme and a brainstorm we decided to make big dices destroying everything around them.
The idea was interesting but the final game clearly lacking of polish and feedbacks, i'm really disappointed with the results.
I was in charge of designing the powers, the destruction system, the Level Design and the throw system.

Many assets never made it to the final game despiste they're have been produced early in the devellopment. The artistic direction was implemented at the last moment making it impossible to modify.
There was huge flaws in management from the leads but we still tried to make something as good as possible.

Anyway i hope you will have fun playing it.

You can download the game on my Itch.io page:

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