Kairos - Octobre 2017 - Jun 2018 - Valenciennes, France
Position : Producer, Game Designer

Team Size: 7
Genre : Narrative Adventure

Kairos is a narrative adventure where your goal is to save Jude, a girl who suffered from terrible events and is now contemplating suicide. You as the Wisp, a fiery spirit who's emboy Jude conscience, are going to dive into Jude's memories to talk to her inner demon. A creature representing Jude's anxiety who's gradually consumming her from the inside.

You're going to confront it, not in a violent way, but through dialogues. You're going to mimic the work of a psychologist to reveal the truth behind the demon denial, changing its perspective on situation to change the scene around you and discovering the story.

Kairos is our final student project, . I'm the Producer of the team, managing the production for the Art,Design and programmation team. Along that I'm also Game Designer.

Here's the trailer of the game and some screenshots.
You can play the game by downloading it on my itch.io page : https://daezr.itch.io/kairos
Have Fun !

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